Accesses to Farm Tomita and Lavender East

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By car

● From Asahikawa Airport
On National Highway 237・・・45 min.
● From New Chitose Airport
On the Doto Expressway (exit at the Shimkappu IC)・・・2.5 hr.
● From downtown Sapporo
On the Doo Expressway (exit at the Mikasa IC)・・・2.5 hr.

Note: Please do not park on public roads or in the tour bus parking lots.

● Lavender East is 4 km (7 min. by car) from Farm Tomita

By bus

"Nakafurano" is the closest bus stop; it is served by Furano Bus.

● Furano Bus (Kaisoku Lavender-go) 8 round-trip departures/day

JR Asahikawa Sta. ⇔ Nakafurano. ・・・ 1 hr. 25 min. (780 yen/one way)
Asahikawa Airport ⇔ Nakafurano ・・・ 48 min. (680 yen/one way)
JR Furano Sta. ⇔ Nakafurano ・・・ 12 min. (260 yen/one way)

Walk 25 min. from Nakafurano or take a taxi.
Nakafurano Hire (taxi): Phone 0167-44-2331, a 5-min. ride from Nakafurano bus stop. (770 yen or slightly more)

● Chuo Bus (Kosoku Furano-go) 10 round-trip departures/day

Sapporo Station Bus Terminal ⇔ Furano Bus Terminal・・・ 2.5 hr. (2,260 yen/one way)

Ride Furano Bus, JR or taxi from Furano JR Sta.
Furano Taxi: Phone 0167-22-5001, a 15-min. ride from Furano Bus Terminal (about 2,850 yen)

Note: For details, including timetables, locations of bus stops and return trip discounts, refer to the websites of the respective bus operator.

By railway

● Lavender Farm Sta. on the JR Furano Line is a 7-min. walk from Farm Tomita.

For details, please refer to the page "Lavender Farm Station (Norokko-go)".

● Nakafurano Sta. on the JR Furano Line is about a 25-min. walk from Farm Tomita.

Sapporo Sta. ⇔ Takikawa Sta. ⇔ Furano Sta. ⇔ Nakafurano Sta.

  • Sapporo JR Limited Express Super Kamui, etc. (about 55 min.)
  • Takikawa JR Nemuro Trunk Line (about 1 hr. 10 min.)
  • Furano JR Furano Line (about 10 min.)
  • Nakafurano

3.940 yen/one way
(Including fee for limited express non-reserved seat: 1,130 yen)

Sapporo Sta. ⇔ Asahikawa Sta. ⇔ Nakafurano Sta.

  • Sapporo JR Limited Express Super Kamui, etc. (about 1 hr. 25 min.)
  • Asahikawa JR Furano Line (about 1 hr. 5 min.)
  • Nakafurano

5,470 yen/one way
(Including a fee for a non-reserved seat on the limited express: 1,800 yen)

When you travel only between Asahikawa and Nakafurano, the one-way fare is 1,070 yen.

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