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Facilities at Lavender East

Fragrant Breeze Hill

This hill is in the heart of the lavender field. The hilltop commands views of a purple carpet stretching over a vast area and of magnificent mountains. A stream flows from the hilltop to the pond. The source is a natural spring. The sound of flowing water cools and refreshes you in the hot summer.

100% natural hot spring
Lavender East Hot Springs (footbath)

Opening July 1, 2023

Water-rich lavender east. There is a flowing well in the park. We checked the water quality and found that it was a hot spring.
Ingredients include metasilicic acid, and the spring quality is gentle on the skin.
We made a footbath on the Fragrant Breeze Hill. Please spend a relaxing time while looking at the lavender.

Lavare House

This house welcomes guests to Lavender East. Lavare comes from the Latin word "lavare," meaning "to wash." The word "lavender" derives from it. This shop offers Farm Tomita gifts, soft-serve ice cream and drinks, Take the time to enjoy shopping in sunlight that gently filters through the skylights. Outside the house, there's a terrace with an awning.

Available only at Lavender East

Lavender white chocolate
soft-serve ice cream

Vanilla soft-serve ice cream made from Hokkaido cream is added, with white chocolate, to the lavender soft-serve ice cream, the most popular original item at Farm Tomita. The vanilla goes perfectly with the flavors of lavender and chocolate. This ice cream is available only at Lavender East.

Cone: 470 yen
Cup  : 420 yen