Request from Farm Tomita


Farm Tomita attracts many visitors from Japan and abroad.
In order to ensure the comfort of all visitors, we would like to make a request to all of you.
〇Prevention of the spread of the new coronavirus
To prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, hand sanitizers have been installed at the entrances to the park facilities.
〇Prohibited entry to the flower garden
Please do not enter the fields. Doing so may damage plants or transfer pathogens to the soil. (Except for pathways).
Also, please refrain from picking flowers and fruit trees in the garden and taking them home.
〇Use of Drones
Flying or photographing drones in the park is prohibited.
〇About bringing in garbage
Please take all garbage from outside the farm and household waste with you. 
We will accept garbage generated inside the park, but will not accept garbage brought in from outside the park (car trash, trash from the adjacent "Tomita Melon House," etc.) .
Please also take used diapers, etc. home with you.
If you are found to be bringing garbage into the park, the park staff will give you a warning.
If you do not comply with the warning, you will be asked to leave the park.
〇Bringing Food and Beverages into the Park
Please refrain from bringing food and beverages into the park.
Please refrain from bringing soft-serve ice cream and other food and beverages purchased in the park to the stores and galleries.
TOMITA MELON HOUSE, located next to Farm Tomita, is not affiliated with our company in any way.
Please refrain from bringing food, beverages, garbage, etc. purchased at the TOMITA MELON HOUSE into the park.
Pets are not allowed in the park.
〇Photography and business activities in the park
Photography for commercial purposes is prohibited in Farm Tomita Park.
Even for personal photography, photographing in wedding dresses, etc. is prohibited.
Please refrain from doing so as it may inconvenience other visitors.
The use of tripods, etc. is prohibited.
Also, activities that may cause inconvenience to other visitors, such as staying in the same place for a long time in narrow aisles or crowded areas, are prohibited.
Business activities in the park are strictly prohibited as they may cause inconvenience to other visitors.
〇Use of the parking lot
Use of the parking lot is limited to business hours.
Overnight stay in a car is prohibited.
If you are coming with a camper or staying overnight in your car, please use the nearby town parking lot or other parking lots.
Please use the designated smoking areas.
Please refrain from smoking in areas other than the designated areas, as it may inconvenience other visitors.
We appreciate your cooperation so that as many guests as possible can enjoy the event.
Thank you for your cooperation.